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  • 1997年、デザイン設計に重点をおきIncaseは立ち上がりました。



  • Founded in 1997, Incase is brand driven by design.

    We design solutions centered on protection and mobility to meet the evolving demands of today's creatives. Our heritage is deeply rooted in the lifestyles of those who create on the Apple platform, and through this dedication, we are able to focus on our consumers' evolving needs and continually expand our product offering while promoting creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.

    Informed by the principles of good design, the ecosystem of bags and accessories we curate transcend both age and demographics to provide the widest audience with the best possible experiences while in pursuit of their passions.

    Our team employs exacting design protocols to ensure each Incase product meets the needs of our consumers, new emerging markets, and an ever-expanding world of Apple product experiences. The brand, our team, and the products we create thrive at the intersection of technology and lifestyle while innovation through collaboration lives at the core of our design process.

    Incase. Providing a better experience through good design.


  • 1997Founded

    Beginning in San Francisco
  • 2001Nylon Backpack

    The first tech-optimized backpack dedicated to the Mac
  • 2002iPod Leather Sleeve

    First case for the original iPod
  • 2004DC Skatebag

    Pioneering the collaboration between tech and lifestyle
  • 2004Dual Power Charger

    Introdution of power solutions for mobile devices
  • 2005Neoprene Sleever

    Debut of classic sleeve for Macbook
  • 2006Apple Exclusives

    Ongoing partnership on special projects for global flagship store openings
  • 2006Guitar Bags

    Expansion into products centered on music and the mac
  • 2006iPhone

    First line of protective solutions for the original iPhone
  • 2006Artist Projects

    Created a Platform for artists to share their work via product as canvas
  • 2008Ambassadors

    Partnerships with influencers within the creative class
  • 2011Camera Collection

    Introducing carry solutions for creatives who camera
  • 2012Tech-optimized Travel

    First line of travel solution centered on tecnology
  • 2014ICON Pack

    The latest evolution of the original teach-optimaizede backpack
  • 2014Action Camera

    Camera lineexpands into an emerging market
  • 2014TENSAERLITE Protection Technology

    Introducde the ultimate lightweight impact absorption
  • 2015Ecoya Collection

    A new material story fouced on saving water begins to spread across product categories
  • 2016Luggage

    The product line expands into solutions designed to extend our user’s mobility